Kuscheliger Strickschal in Kaschmir, Alpaka oder Yak von Meinfrollein

Knitted scarf and other favourite pieces – made in Germany

A scarf fits every outfit! It only depends on the design!

Your knitted scarf could be the highlight of your outfit. Whether you wear it with a knitted sweater, a dress or a coat is up to you. With a scarf you can make a statement!

But a knitted scarf is your companion when it’s cold outside. It wraps you up wonderfully. And even in really cold weather it keeps you super warm. All the more important it is that you find the right scarf!

As an everyday companion you want a real favourite accessory. A real classic among the scarves is the knitted wool scarf. Knitted from the finest wool, it caresses your neck. The woollen scarf can be used as a fine classic scarf with a blazer coat as well as with a down jacket.

Here cashmere scarves or extra fine merino scarves are particularly suitable. Depending on your preference, you can choose a thickly knitted scarf that may be a little wider, or a fine version. You have the choice! With your scarf oversized as XXL knitted scarf or rather a slim wool scarf? The structure of the knitted fabric is particularly effective with the scarf. Here it can be a very fine pattern, which gives the scarf a certain elegance. Or you can opt for a coarse plait pattern or a classic patent rib. These two styles are more sporty and casual.

At Meinfrollein you will find many variations. The width of the scarf is also decisive. Would you like to wear it as a shawl over your shoulder?

Then you should also make sure it has a slightly wider cut. If you prefer to wear the knitted scarf as a small narrow scarf, it should have a classic length and width.

Especially with the slightly longer and wider models you have many possibilities for styling. You can simply wrap it around your neck like a scarf. That looks very casual. Or try to put it over your shoulder and fix it in your waist with a belt. That is just totally trendy! So you turn your scarf into an it-piece.

If the scarf is made of the finest wool such as alpaca or cashmere, you can also wear this scarf in spring or autumn. The scarf also fits well with your dress. Sometimes it is the scarf that gives your dress that certain something.

It is also very trendy to simply wear the scarf over one shoulder and then fasten it with a belt at the waist. Perfect to put your belly bag in scene.

Depending on the knitted scarf model, you can quickly turn your favourite accessory into a cape or scarf. At Meinfrollein we specialize in convertible styles. Especially our capes and ponchos can always be transformed into scarves!

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