How to wash wool? Here you find the answer!

How to wash wool????

How do you wash that? Can you wash that at all? These are the questions that meinfrollein often encounters. Nothing easier than that: as rare, if at all! That’s the amazing answer!
Wool is very easy to care for because you should rarely wash or even rarely need to wash. Wool does not absorb the dirt into the fiber and due to the natural quality of the wool it is a dirt-repellent, so to speak. So normal airing is quite enough to make the woolen article fresh again. If it is too sunny or too wet outside it is also possible to do it in the bathroom. Simply hang the woolen article after showering in the shower and the humidity ensures that the cuddly woolen article is fresh again.

The right hand wash:

If you actually need to wash the woolen item once you should wash it by hand in the handwash basin. For a single hat or scarf you do not have to use the machine! Please use a wool detergent as wool is sensitive to alkalis.

Make sure that the water is cold or only lukewarm and that you do not soak, rub or wrinkle the product for a long time. Press briefly several times and pay attention to the same water temperature when rinsing. If possible squeeze it in a towel, lay it in shape and let it dry lying down. That way you can wash wool properly! 

The right machine wash:

Modern washing machines also often have a wool washing program that is specifically geared to the properties of the wool. Again, please use a special wool detergent and set the temperature – if possible – to “cold”. Even our ponchos can go into the wool wash program if needed.

Since wool is similar to human hair all you really need to do is follow the hairdresser’s advice: do not wash too often, do not wash too hot, do not use too much shampoo, do not rub too much and never blow-dry! But back to the beginning:

You rarely have to wash wool if at all! Save time and protect the environment!