Cosy-hats-kuschelige-Wollmützen, made in Germany von Meinfrollein

Woolen hats for every look

The cap look is various. Woolen hat, cap, cashmere hat or simply a beanie?

The right cap often makes the difference in styling. We at Meinfrollein have focused on caps. Wool caps, cashmere caps or caps made of classic merino wool are our strength. But that is not sufficient!

Especially different demands need different caps. A cashmere cap is extremely light. And it is regardful of your hairstyle. Because it is extremely light and cosy.

The Merino wool cap is much more athletic style. The fibre is extremely smooth and the touch is very similar to cotton. Therefore its look is a bit more sporty. On the other hand, alpaca and yak are very fine yarns too. Also here the feel is very soft and soft and the weight is rather light. But with all the different materials, the most important thing is the look. Basically, there is a trend towards lighter caps, which will warm you when needed. Cashmere in particular has excellent attributes here. Since the weather no longer follows the classic seasons, you are well equipped with the lighter caps. So the trend is towards year-round caps. Thick bobble hats are of course indispensable for après-ski!

Which fit is the best? Which wool hat suits me?

1. the beanie

The Beanie cap is our constant companion when it’s cold and lousy outside. A woollen hat that fits loosely, looks casual and is especially practical. Very nice is also a small rolled edge, which perfectly suits to your face.The Beanie is relatively flexible as far as the volume of the hair is concerned. It can be worn in different ways. More into the face or further back on the head. It’s up to you! It’s available in different colors in uni or patterned. The Beanie cap shape is especially good for narrow faces and women with long smooth hair. But a few curls that look out of the beanie cap at the bottom are also very nice. If you have a lot of hair or very thick hair, the Beanie may be too fine. It might look a little too insignificant on your head. And that doesn’t fit your style! A classic beanie is the basic cashmere cap.

2. the bobble cap

The classic bobble cap is usually a bit more sporty. Since the pompon does not hang down to the back but rather stands on its head, it is super trendy. Due to the bobble the wool cap is also very voluminous. It is important to make sure that the pompon is not made of real fur. This is no longer necessary nowadays and must be avoided at all costs. Information about the situation of the animals, which supply such skins, I save you here. You can find more information about this at PETA.

Bobbles can also be made of wool or different yarns. That looks cheeky and funny and is just as trendy…

3. the woollen cap with envelope

Another classic is the cap with envelope. This ribband ensures that this cap shape is particularly warm. It is doubled at the ears by the edge and thus protects against rain and wind. This cut is suitable for larger heads and faces. Women with a lot of hair are well advised to wear this wool cap. The rib presses the hair tighter to the head and gives the face a little shape.

If you have a very narrow face or a very small head, this cap shape is not recommended. It is very dominant and doesn’t let your face work enough. You can find Meinfrollein caps with envelope here.

6. the beret of the beret

The beret is an elegant cap shape. It is available both knitted and felted. The beret is very flexible to wear and can be draped more or less crooked. The special feature is the width at the top of the head. With our Style Zarah the upper part can also be draped casually. It is particularly loosely knitted and falls very softly. Due to the rib it is also warm on the ears. The cap shape is suitable for narrow and round faces.

5. the Baker Boy cap

She’s not really a “real” cap. The Baker Boy cap is made of flowing fabric and is comparable to a balloon or peaked cap. It has a small peak and mostly a firm contour. It looks casual and is especially suitable in spring and autumn. Since it does not go over the ears, it is above all a traniges accessory. Unfortunately, we do not offer this cap form, because we only have knitted caps in our assortment.