Fundraising project in 2014/15

Educational project in Lukavac-Turija, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Once again, this season meinfrollein donates to a children’s village from the foundation Kinderzukunft (3 euros for every piece sold). The children’s village “Selo Mira”, located near Tuzla, receives the donation in order to buy working materials for their tailor shop.

This is where young adults get a chance to get their first work experience and to see what it means to work as tailor. In the beginning, this village used to be a shelter for widows and orphans, all refugees from the Bosnian war.

Currently it is a new home for 110 children, whose parents can’t or won’t take care of them. Since 1992, children’s future has been committed to help people from disintegrated, former Yugoslavia, who have been heavily affected by the war. Many families were forced to leave their homes, and countless children lost their parents. The foundation’s aim is to offer these people a new home. After two years of construction work, “Selo Mira”, a peace village for Bosnia, was opened on Mai 22, 1998. An area consisting of 15 hectares, part of the Lukavac-Turija community, provides a new home for more than three hundred people. This is where children and adults live in small families and are being supported by teachers.

There are, for example, a kindergarten and different educational trainings. These training are either part of regular job trainings or they are used as a work therapy, in forms of voluntary internships to prepare them for professional life in the future.