Ohh, how cuddly! Is that a cashmere hat?

Eingekuschelt in feinstem Kaschmir
Eingekuschelt in feinstem Kaschmir

This is how customers react when they get cashmere hat Jacky in their hands while looking for a wool hat.

After that every woollen hat simply feels like a woollen hat. Even if it is organic wool or super soft baby alpaca, a cashmere hat is and remains something very special.

And there are good reasons to fall in love with a cashmere hat. The fine and long stapled cashmere hair is, in the quality Meinfrollein uses, so light and soft that touching the cashmere cap is like caressing.

It is probably this tender touch that reminds us of beautiful moments.

Who wouldn’t want to be cuddly wrapped up when it gets cold outside? The advantage of a cashmere cap is of course its low weight. In contrary to the classic wool hat the cashmere hat is a breath of nothing.

A perfect nothing that warms, snuggles us up and still doesn’t flatten the hairstyle. Anyone who feels lightly cold on their head and wears a lot of woollen hats knows the feeling. Indoors you want to take off your hat, but you don’t know what your hair looks like.

But leaving the hat on is also no alternative and so you feel uncomfortable and desperately look for the next mirror. This is probably first down the stairs, left around the corner, last door on the right…

This problem can be avoided with a light cashmere cap. The hairstyle will only be slightly changed. Due to the pure natural material, the hair is not electrostatically charged. And the low weight exerts hardly any pressure on the hairstyle. You can casually take your hat off your head and feel good!

Anyone who has decided on a cashmere cap will appreciate the advantages. Often it doesn’t end with a single cashmere hat!

Due to the low weight and the small volume, the cashmere hat is also the perfect travel companion. Packed in a small laundry bag, the cashmere cap can be easily stored in most bags.

And of course a cashmere cap is made from a purely natural and sustainable yarn. The fine hair is combed from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and sorted according to fineness and length.

This is how the high-quality yarn is made from one of the finest raw fibres from our Italian yarn suppliers. They turn the hair of the cashmere goat into this fine cashmere yarn. Our cashmere caps are made 100% in Germany.  Here know-how meets a lot of experience. Only the right washing gives the cashmere yarn its cuddly surface. We manufacture locally and sustainably! If you want to convince yourself of the quality of our Kashmir caps, you should definitely have a look at our classic cashmere cap in uni. Or you can choose our bestseller Jacky.

The cashmere cap is knitted in a fine jacquard pattern and has a small rolled edge. Both cashmere hats are a loose cut and can be casually folded into the back of the head.

If you can’t get through to a sustainable cashmere hat yet, our wool hats are also a good choice. Here there is a suitable model for every head shape and many yarns are already close to cashmere. Baby alpaca in combination with baby jak is a wonderful alternative to the cashmere hat!



Nur hier im Onlineshop: Jerseytuch ZOEY

NEU und nur im Onlineshop! Das Einsteigertuch aus softem Jersey in Bioqualität.

Als großzügig geschnittene Jerseytuch in Dreiecksform setzt es mit seinen Fransen modische Akzente. Es passt zur Jeans als coole Ergänzung, aber auch zum Blazer um ein Statment zu setzen. Natürlich aus Biobaumwolle in einem sehr schönen Graumelange. Die Fransen werden in Handarbeit aus dem Tuch gearbeitet, so dass es keinen Stoffabfall gibt. Es kratzt nicht, ist pflegeleicht und tut dabei noch Gutes.

Dafür steht auch das abnehmbare Lucky Doll. Durch den Kauf werden meinfrollein Projekte in verschiedenen Kinderdörfern mit einer Spende unterstützt.

The donations are well-received by our partners

Lucky Doll überbringt Spende
Lucky Doll überbringt Spende

The children’s future foundation was thrilled to receive meinfrollein’s latest donation. After finishing up winter season, we were able to donate more than 1600 euros to the foundation. All of our meinfrollein costumers contributed to this by buying a cozy, knitted accessory.

The current project supports the Bosnian children’s village in the field of training programs for the youth. The money raised by meinfrollein will be used to obtain tools and materials for their tailor shop. Therefore, as many children as possible can benefit from the donation this year. Supervisors in Bosnia decide what exactly will be needed in the tailor shop. We make sure that 100 % of our donation goes to the well-being of these children.

With the successfully completed charity project in “Selo Mira”, meinfrollein has so far realized three entire projects. First Guatemala, then Romania and now Bosnia-Herzegovina – we are looking forward to support a new place where help is needed.



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Nur die feinsten Qualitäten schaffen es auf den Kopf der meinfrollein Trägerin. Wir machen deine Lieblingsteile, kuschelig weich und warm.

Eingesetzt werden unter anderem Alpaca, extrafeine Merino Wolle und hochwertigstes Kaschmir. Wenn möglich in Bioqualität.

Für den Komfort nutzen wir die natürlichen Eigenschaften der Wolle, wie z.B. temperaturausgleichend, wärmespeichernd, langlebig.

Wolle ist ein nachwachsendes Naturprodukt und zu 100 % biologisch abbaubar. Unsere Baumwolle ist GOTS zertifiziert und wird in Deutschland nach GOTS Richtlinien gefärbt.